Welcome Home. (Weekly updates Ep1)

Oh hi!

Well, what and amazing week and welcome back to streaming after a week off! My thanks to all you guys for sticking with me, over on twitch, on patreon and everywhere in between. I would like to just throw out there a short explanation of the last couple months.. Stay with me I'll keep it brief.

I started streaming with the intent to build a community where people could hang out not worrying about being weird or judged in any way and a  place where people who don't usually fit in anywhere else, could find a home. Don't get me wrong I also wanted to use it as a place where my art could be shared and as a promotion to my art shops too but really it was about a community and understanding, the rest was a bonus. As i went down the journey of building the stream and the community I think I lost sight of all of this and with the anxiety kicking in it became more about numbers and growth then it did about all the original things I wanted... the result, the last couple of months living with anxiety and a dwindling love for streaming and art. So now we are back after some time off and I feel better, lighter, I feel like I know what it is I want and even though I don't know how to achieve that yet, I'm quite happy on this journey to find out.

So first up,  S t r e a m  things. We've made some changes to the schedule, Mon & Thurs are now days off from stream, although they will be the days I upload to Patreon. the mediums we will use on stream will be decided at the beginning of the week and posted for you guys on the schedule in discord, just so you know beforehand. We are definitely going to try some new mediums and experimenting, I would love to try oils and really get better at sculpting and molds making and of course the watercolours are going to continue along with Starting off the comic  'R e b i r t h  R e t o l d' - Excited. Next up, P a t r e o n. So from now on I'm really trying to push patreon, not an in your face kind of push but more of a move in that direction.. I always find it very difficult to promote myself, that on going am I good enough hanging over my head and this has meant that some of my ventures have suffered so with that being said I want to have a little more confidence in promoting myself without ramming it in your faces, so to speak! We've also made some changes to the tiers within Patreon, we have added Prints on some tiers that will sent out at the end of the month and line work that you can colour yourselves along with Old favourites that still remain, Rough sketches and up coming ideas and wallpapers each month. Another addition will be the social side, as much as we can get with patreon at least. I'll be introducing ' free ' content, followers of the patreon will be able to see a bunch of stuff too like Blog posts (weekly posts) pictures and updates.

A bunch of other stuff has happened too, stuff with the E t s y, plans for the future, ways to better myself and what not.. but that's for another day.

I hope this can be the start of great things.

S t a y  W e i r d  As Always.



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